Blog posts of '2019' 'March'

(0) Can I tell you a secret?


Kevin & I recently bought the farm at 132 Charters Settlement Rd.!

Clydesdale horses and sheep will continue to roam the pastures. 

We are going to build a New building to house North Stream on the farm and it all started today.

Keegan is out there doing the ground work and I will share with y...

(0) Are you on March Break?
Welcome to March. I’d say that was in like a Lion.
Kevin is off the bus for March Break so we are going to have some promotions this week.
  1. Purchase $25 Breyer & get a Free North Stream Sudsy Pony
  2. Country Liberty Combo: Buy a Hoodie $64.95 & you can get a ball cap $20
  3. Purchase a New Helmet: $5 ...
(0) Sometimes it’s the little things...
That red enamel cup is a sweet reminder of my Dad. You could see him stop on his way to or from the barn to look at what might have changed since the last trip. It might have been the snow drift was taller, his plants in his garden changing or how the water in the brook had come up.
Now whe...