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Did you Win...


Yes, although the cake is gone,

the memories of our sweet grand opening aren't. I just wanted to drop you a note to say "thanks". It was a wonderful day! 
        Our Grand Opening brought family, friends & customers. It may have been damp & cold outside but we were cozy in our new building. Congratulations to the winners of the great prizes from our suppliers. We are still waiting on #8841886 to claim the super prize pack from Omega Alpha, so check your tickets. If you won a prize drop by the shop and pick it up. 
          There are still some sale items and I will share them on our Facebook this week(Boulet Boots, summer sheets, Breyer Horses and more) so watch North Stream. You can also check 
          Have a great week, love ya, 

PS: If you want to share pictures of your prizes be sure and #shopnorthstream

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