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You Picked A Fine Time...

I was saddened to hear of the passing of Kenny Rogers. Yes, I am a Country music fan. I have listened to a lot of Kenny Rogers and of course his Christmas album with Dolly has always been a favorite.
When I was younger we showed our Clydesdale horses at the local fairs & exhibitions. During this time of Kenny Rogers’ song “You Picked A Fine Time to Leave Me Lucille” was a hit.
If you were at the shows as a spectator or an exhibitor you probably saw my Dad, Paul Fletcher showing his Black Clydesdale horses. Most likely you heard his hearty laugh too! We had a mare named Irene borrowed to be part of our hitch at the time. Being the character he was, you could hear him singing out “You picked a fine time to leave me Irene, with six hungry Clydes and a crop in the field” . He loved his horses & his horse show buddies.
Great memories!
Love ya, Karen
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