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They Say Things Don't Last ...


Check this out. It’s a cement footing for a building my Dad built in 1959.

Recently the initials were surprisingly uncovered when Keegan decided to

raise the roof and replace the walls on this ...

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It's a Bit Tattered...



Do you have a well worn cookbook?

You know the one you reach for first everytime. I do, Betty Crocker, is my go to.

I've used this one since I graduated High School. A gift from a famil...

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Did you Win...


Yes, although the cake is gone,

the memories of our sweet grand opening aren't. I just wanted to drop you a note to say "thanks". It was a wonderful day! 

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Changing Seasons


With the shortening days & changing leaves come the thoughts of fall. The sunflowers we planted in June are still standing tall and the pumpkins are slowly ripening. I remember the day Kevin & I pl...

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Two Peas in a Pod


I pulled the rest of the peas in the garden yesterday. It has been fun walking out of the shop & picking a few fresh peas. So sweet and fresh.
When I was young my Grandfather Fletcher would tell...

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